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Selection Process
STEP 1: Rare & Forever diamonds are pre-screened for NO BGM, ensuring maximum sparkle and brilliance
STEP 2: Rare & Forever diamonds utilize advanced A.I. technology, which results in highly accurate and consistent grading
STEP 3: Reviewed for brilliance & light performance, a table inscription is added as a security feature for your peace of mine - accompanied by a grading report to match
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Screened for NO BGM (Tinting)
Rare & Forever screens for brown, green, and milky tints/hues that other laboratories, grading reports, and online sellers do not. When these tints and hues are present, they negatively impact the brilliance of a diamond and greatly devalue the diamond. Unfortunately, this is often found in diamonds listed online.
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Graded by A.I. Technology
AI Technology
Rare & Forever is one of the only diamonds in the world that uses A.I. Technology to grade diamonds. This ensures diamonds are graded with accuracy and consistency, giving you exactly what you pay for. Rare & Forever’s diamonds are also A.I. Graded for light performance, ensuring your diamond will always have incredible brilliance and sparkle in any lighting.
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Safety & Security Hidden Within
Safety & Security Hidden Within
Each Rare & Forever diamond comes with a permanent ionic inscription in the center of the diamond’s table below the surface. This serialized inscription is specific only to your diamond, and matches your diamond with its grading report number. This number, which is unseen to the eye, gives you the peace of mind you deserve.
Your Diamond’s Journey
Your Diamond’s Journey
Rare & Forever’s Blockchain Technology commemorates your Rare & Forever diamond’s authenticity and credentials. This secure chain of custody confirms your diamond is natural in origin, ethically sourced, accurately graded, and cut for beauty.
Rare & Forever’s Blockchain outlines the journey of your physical diamond, including natural origin, A.I. grading, BGM screening, table inscription, and finally, YOU!
Rare & Forever offers owning your diamond’s NFT (non-fungible token). This provides quick accessibility to your diamond’s digital credentials for insurance purposes and your reference.
Upgrade for Life
Upgrade for Life
With Rare & Forever’s upgrade for life program, your Rare & Forever diamond grows as your love grows!
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